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Quick-start guide

What is DekkoSecure?


DekkoSecure is a sharing and collaboration suite that is designed to enable protected interactions between any party. Typically, the platform is used for sharing sensitive files between organisations, in place of less secure means such as email, USBs, SFTP or publicly available consumer-grade tools.


The DekkoSecure platform is invite-only, meaning all users are either customers of DekkoSecure (the company) or stakeholders that are onboarded by these parties. The platform’s capability is not just file sharing; it can also be used for messaging, eSignature, document co-editing and video conferencing.


DekkoSecure is a purely web-based application and its infrastructure runs on Microsoft Azure cloud. Please refer to later points in this article or our dedicated topic pages to learn more.

Where do I log in?


The DekkoSecure platform is on 4 different URLs depending on which system you are registered to:

Australian government and industry -
Canadian government and industry -
US government and industry -
Healthcare professionals -

Tips for uploading and sharing:

There are no file type or size limits on the DekkoSecure platform. Please keep in mind that uploading very large files may take considerable time if your internet connection speed is limited.
File upload time increases proportionally with the number of files being uploaded, because a unique encryption key is automatically generated for each file. Encryption and upload of small files takes approximately 1 file per second for a reliable broadband internet connection.
For uploads of more than 200 files, DekkoSecure strongly recommends compressing your data in to a ZIP file before adding it to the system. Uploading, sharing and downloading hundreds of individual files can take a long time because each one is uniquely encrypted on your computer.
Files are not shared by-default; your files will be marked as (Not shared) in the status column if the are stored and ready for sharing. Select the file(s) and press [Share] to grant access to other users.
If you have upload files to a shared folder, they will inherit the sharing configuration of the folder and be automatically accessible to users on the shared list.
Sharing for large numbers of files (more than approx. 50) with multiple users can take some time. Complexity of automated sharing encryption increases as these two factors go up. For example, processing the share of 50 files with one user will take a quarter the time of sharing 50 files with four users. Please allow approximately 1 second per file, per user, for sharing time.

Security, encryption and updates:

Every file you share on the DekkoSecure platform is secured using end-to-end encryption. This means that only you and the user you share with can access your content. Even DekkoSecure as the service provider cannot access customer data, because it does not have the key!
Don’t worry about file passwords, certificate, managing keys, etc. The DekkoSecure platform handles all of that for you automatically. Every security mechanism that underpins the platform’s security is transparent to all users.
The DekkoSecure platform is updated every time you access it, and runs in a web browser. Just log in and share. Users you invite go through an easy registration process and access the platform using a web browser, just like you.

I Just registered/joined a Hub but can’t see any files!


Content sharing on the DekkoSecure platform is explicit, meaning that files must be shared with you before you can access them; joining a Hub does not automatically grant access to content in the Hub.

If you are expecting to receive files you can ask your inviter or other users in the Hub - you can check who is there by opening Contacts list either from the navigation panel on the left or the Chat pop up in the bottom right.

If you have received a notification indicating that files have been shared with you and none appear, check the Hubs that you are a member of. It is also possible that files which were shared with you have since been removed.

How do I…. ?


This knowledge base covers it all:

Sharing and requests Uploading content, sharing receiving, approval requests
Organisation management Guidance for Tenancy Manager activities, Tenancy policies, and Hubs
Managing your account Create a signature, change/reset your password and 2FA
Technical references Detailed information for security on the DekkoSecure Platform
Tips and troubleshooting Extra info and guidance for when things don’t go as expected
Onboarding Reference material for integrations, whitelisting and governance

I forgot my password/my password isn't working!


Don't panic! There are a few things you can check first:

  • Make sure you are logging in to the service your DekkoSecure account exists on (listed in the Where do I log in? section)
  • Make sure you have entered your email address correctly

If you have checked the above and have forgotten your password, use the recover account link on the log in page. If you have a trusted user set they will be sent to you via email. These users are able to reset your password. If not, your account will need to be recreated, which removes all data from your account.

If you do not have a trusted user set please create a support request.

Due to the encryption safeguards built in to the DekkoSecure system, the application is not capable of making any changes to your password. Please rest assured that your password cannot be changed by anyone except you, or a trusted user if (if one has been set).
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