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This page will be periodically updated with information about new features (✨), upgrades (⚡️) and platform status alerts (🏗️) that are relevant for the the last 6 months. You can view older updates here.

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us via your DekkoSecure account manager or drop us an email. You can also use this channel for requesting new features or providing feedback on what you see listed on this page.
If you check this page regularly, chances are you’ll get a sneak peak of upcoming features before they’re released! You can also subscribe to updates on our status page for system availability alerts.

15 May, 2024

  • New ✨: Hub membership management Tenant admins can now manage users’ Hub memberships and roles from a single menu, with the ability to add a user to a Hub even if the Tenant admin is not a member of said Hub. To access the membership control menu, open the [⋯] button in the user’s entry on the user management page, then manage Hub memberships:
      Notion image

3 May, 2024

  • New ✨: Mass share The sharing menu now includes an options to select sharing recipients from the contact list in the selected Hub. You can select users individually, select all using the All users check box, or do an All users selection and then uncheck individuals. All recipients in a mass share have the same permission. To individualise permissions, share the content and then switch to the regular share tab - permissions can be updated on a per-user basis.
Notion image

12th March, 2024

  • New ✨: Restrict root upload and sharing for External users This new Hub policy disables the following for External users in the Hub:
    • The ability to upload files to the root of a Hub
    • The ability to access the sharing menu for files they upload
    • When this policy is enabled, External users will only be able to upload files in to folders that are shared with them. In additional, they must be granted permission to upload (either Download + upload or Full permissions). The end result is that the folder owner has absolute control over who can access files in the folder. The policy also disables the ability to access the share menu for External users, so they will not be able to edit (add or remove) shared users for files that they upload.

Notion image
  • Updated ⚡️: Hide Meetings button The Meetings button can now be hidden, either as a Tenancy policy (go to the Hubs tab) or as a per-Hub policy (during Hub creation or in the branding section of the Hub’s settings). Note: users who have the Meetings button hidden will still be able to participate in video conferences if they are invited to one.

31st January, 2024

  • Updated ⚡️: PDF viewer PDF documents are now displayed using the native document viewer that is built in to your browser! This introduces scrolling, search (ctrl-F on your keyboard 😎), bookmark selection and a download/print button to the viewing interface. You can also view the document’s metadata by selecting Document properties in the menu dropdown. PDF documents that are shared view-only or opened on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) will be displayed using the controlled viewer that was previously in place, which prevents download, text copying and downloads.
    • Notion image

8th January, 2024

Happy new year! 🥳 We’re thrilled to bring you more updates, upgrades and features over the next 12 months. 2023 was a HUGE year of amazing additions to our service, thanks to the incredible feedback from our customers and hard work from our product and engineering team.

Watch this space… we’ll be kicking the year off with more exciting announcements which we know you’ll love. As always, if you have any feedback or suggestions, please reach out to your account manager. You can also now send an email to

4th December, 2023

  • New ✨: Product video Need to share information about what the DekkoSecure application is and does? We’ve put this brief (7min) video, covering log in, invites, uploading, sharing, editing, signing, messaging and more. Here’s the link to share:

We’ve also added it to the quick-start guide.


29th November, 2023

  • New ✨: Microsoft Sentinel integration For customers looking to extend audit logging using automated feeds, DekkoSecure is now offering native integration with Microsoft Sentinel. Logs can include the full standard internal audit logging content, as well as additional items such as failed authentication attempts and file names. Check out the knowledge base article to learn more!
    • 👋
      If you are interested in integrating your organisation on DekkoSecure with Sentinel, please reach out to your account manager to discuss the available options.
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  • Updated ⚡️: Invite permission control for Team Member invites When you select Team Member for a new user in a Hub, you’ll be able to choose whether they are able to send invites. If your permissions requirements change in the future, you can grant or restrict invite permission in the Hub management view.
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27th November, 2023

  • Updated ⚡️: Upload processing for large volume uploads and sharing Uploading and sharing has been turbocharged! We won’t go in to the nerdy details here, but an incredible engineering effort has resulted in up to 8x faster upload and share times. The next time you upload a large file, folder, or group of files (especially to a shared folder), prepare to be amazed!
Notion image

You’ll need to be on a Chromium-based web browser (Chrome, Edge or Brave) version 110 or newer for this update to take full effect. Performance on Safari and Firefox has also improved greatly, but not quite as much as on Chromium due to disparities in the way each browser engine works. You can check your browser version at GIF content credit - National Aeronautics and Space Administration: Atlantis launch July 2011

  • Updated ⚡️: filter by status The quick-filter now includes searching by status tag. If your organisation has set up a tag such as “Complete”, simply enter the tag partially or in full to focus the file listing on a matching search term.
Notion image

24th November, 2023

  • New ✨: In-app playback support for MP4 And… videos can also be shared view-only!
Video playback is currently in preview mode for all DekkoSecure customers (AU and US, CA coming soon!), for a limited time only. Please reach out to your account manager to discuss options for adding video playback (and some other exciting features that come with it 😎) to your DekkoSecure license.
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  • New ✨: User list export (Tenancy Manager) If you need to report on users in a Tenancy, simply set/enter a filter term (if needed) and then press the Export Users button. This will generated a CSV for external analysis.
    • Notion image

      Result CSV example:

      Notion image
  • New ✨: Double-click to open Just like the file explorer on your Windows or Mac device, you can now double-click on viewable files to open them using in the in-app file viewer.

28th October, 2023

  • New ✨: Dark mode 🌚 By popular demand, dark mode! To adjust Dekko’s theme head to your profile settings - scroll to the bottom to find the setting. Don’t forget to press save!
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  • Updated ⚡️: Support for multiple statuses Multiple status tags can now be set against content. If you have already set a tag using the previous single-status feature, simply click on the tag and select more from the list to add additional tags!
    • Notion image

23rd October, 2023

  • New ✨: Infinite scroll file loading for large folders Folders containing more than 50 items will now load automatically as you scroll, replacing a manual button press. Note - always check the ‘total items’ counter to know how many items are in a folder!
Notion image

20th October, 2023

  • New ✨: Import users during Hub creation The next time you create a Hub, you’ll see a new option - Importing users! Simply choose a Hub that you’re already a member of, and a full listing of the users in that Hub will appear for copying to the new one. Users are grouped by their domain, so you can easily pick which groups are relevant to the new Hub. Team member users are presented in bold; all users settings will be carried across for super-fast Hub set up.
Notion image

18th October, 2023

  • New ✨: Data reporting in upload progress In addition to completion percentage, the upload progress listing now also shows the total amount of data uploaded. This counter will reset after each completed upload batch:
Notion image
  • New ✨: Sharing process indicator The sharing window now displays which file is being worked on when you share multiple files:
Notion image
  • Updated ⚡️: We’ve dramatically improved the speed of retrieving file-level audit logs. The next time you open the event listing for a file, you’ll notice that it loads much faster!

6th October, 2023

  • New ✨: Content filter Type in a term for quick filtering - files and folders that don’t match will be quickly excluded from view for easy searching!
    • Notion image

2nd October, 2023

  • New ✨: Appendix for invite notifications
    • Notion image


      Notion image

      If you’re an admin, check out the invite appendix notes on the tenancy policies page.

  • New ✨: Status tagging for files and folders
    • Notion image

      If you’re an admin, check out the status tagging notes on the tenancy policies page.

      If you’re a regular user, check out the how-to page.

  • Updated ⚡️: Refreshed contact list and navigation bar We’ve moved the contact list into the navigation bar on the left and added a new navigation item that will take you straight to your Hub and contact settings. Hover your mouse over a contact to start a new mail thread or chat conversation:
    • Notion image
  • Updated ⚡️: The whole Mail interface! We’ve aligned the Mail interface with our design system to make messaging threads feel even more at home:
    • Notion image
  • Maintenance 🏗️: The DekkoSecure-AU platform ( will also be undergoing maintenance from 6pm AEDT The expected maintenance period is 6 hours, and access to the platform will be limited for at least 2 hours from the commencement of the maintenance window. Please plan any critical usage around this time and check for updates (and don’t forget to subscribe!).

This is the start of our current (last 6 months) update log… our log with older updates can be found here.

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